SE14-R Blaster
SE14-R Blaster
SE14-R Blaster
SE14-R Blaster
SE14-R Blaster

SE14-R Blaster

Product code: se14
Here is the classic Trilogy SE14-R blaster
Quite a simple blaster originally based around the Rexim favor machine gun with a block behind the sights and a 4x ASI scope as used on many OTC blasters
Despite never actually appearing onscreen  in the original trilogy of films, the SE-14r was seen in all the original storm trooper publicity photos shown in poses and holstered so is still a well know iconic blaster
it has since appeared in many official star wars projects including the new movies although now a new open port version.

Our blaster as per the original has the ejector port in the correct closed position with the block placed behind the sight, the scope connects directly to it with no visible scope mount
interestingly we did try to add a single mount option but came up against the same problem the original prop makers had, The position and the direction of the scope and block size and position meant any scope ring would be in the same place as the adjustment knobs.
The blaster has two selector switches included so you can position your own in any configuration  over the correct fire selectors S,C of R
Suitable for any OTC trooper ,officer or custom bounty hunter this makes a nice change from the standard issue E-11 blaster and a fantastic standout photo opportunity when out trooping

whats included
1 x main blaster replica
1 x ASI scope Replica
2 x selector switches


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Product Code se14
Weight 1.1kg